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6 Ways to Get in the Fall Spirit

Who cares if it’s still warm outside? Bring on the apple picking, crackling bonfires and cabin dreaming.

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1 R. Riveter bags from Faribault Woolen Mill The iconic mill in Minnesota supplies woven wool fabric to military spouses to craft bags inspired by WWII military blankets. ().

2 The Campfire Experience Charmed by camping but lacking gear? Ohioan Amy Gillespie will rent you a teardrop camper, or set up, tear down or even furnish a tent.  (). 

3 Rave apples The University of Minnesota breeders who gave us the mighty Honeycrisp are back with this crunchy, early-to-ripen variety. ().

4 WAAM Industries boxes Available in several sizes, these pretty birch berry boxes and crates are made in Minneapolis. ().

5 Leinenkugel’s Anniversary Lager The Wisconsin brewery celebrates 150 years with a limited-edition German-style amber lager. ().

6 The Log Cabin: An Illustrated History Andrew Belonsky digs into the log cabin’s role in American culture through stories, diaries, artwork and photos.  ().



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